Nirmala Sitharaman’s reaction to Devdutt Pattanaik’s suggestion that Subramanian Swamy should replace her baffles Twitterati

Taking to Twitter, Pattanaik had written arguing in favour of launching a campaign to see Swamy replace Sitharaman as the next finance minister. He wrote, “Remember the movement to get Kalam ji a second term? Can we start a campaign to get Dr. Subramaniam swami ( who actually knows economics) as finance minister? Why is he being ignored? Court conspiracy?” Pattanaik also tagged two right-wing propaganda portals Swarajya and OpIndia and mockingly asked if these two pro-Hindutva platforms, known for peddling fake news, were ‘up to this dharmik task?’

pattanaik also used an illustration of Sitharaman in Hindu Goddes Laxmi’s avatar, as she was widely dubbed by pro-government TV channels just before she presented her maiden budget in July this year.

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